You won’t believe what he did to win internship!

You won’t believe what he did to win internship!


Need an internship, but think it is clearly out of your rich and you do not have a way of getting it? See what this energetic and notorious man has done to win his Oando PLC 1 moths internship!

He was on Twitter, when he stumbled over this challenge. He needed to get as many tweet as possible to win the internship. Many guys saw the offer, but either did not take it seriously, or were too lazy to engage themselves in the challenge. Or they lacked the faith in their abilities to attain the desired goal.

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For either reason, they failed to do what this young man has done so well! He got 2000 retweets in jus 4 hours to win the internship! Read his tweets and learn what his secret of success was. The company admired his ability to communicate, his high level of energy and his humbleness in asking people to help and re-tweet the post.

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