Tonto Dikeh on her marriage and motherhood

Tonto Dikeh on her marriage and motherhood


– Tonto Dikeh-Churchill is a popular Nollywood actress and new mother

– In a recent interview she explains that she had to leave acting to focus on her wife and mother duties

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill is a famous Nollywood actress and singer who recently became a mother in 2016. Her list of extensive movies include Final Hour, Total Love, Love my way and Mortal Desire.

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In a recent interview with The Sun, she opened up on how her marriage and being a mother affected her acting career. She said: “I have not worked in any production after marriage because I have been busy in my primary duties as a wife and mother. I need adequate time to build a solid foundation for my family and for a sustainable home. And I hope to be back in no distant time.”

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill with husband

“As a married woman a lot of things change in your life. Of course, you must have some sense of responsibility in decision making, because it is not just about your life anymore, you have a family to take care of.”

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“So, for the respect I have for my head, who is my husband and my neck, who is my son, I can’t play certain roles anymore. And I don’t have any regrets because my family comes first in all I do.”

Tonto Dikeh with baby

“I am enjoying every bit of the experience (of motherhood and being a wife). It has been a wonderful journey. To the glory of God I am thankful for the love I receive and also give. It is priceless. In fact, I am in love with my husband and son.”

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“Marriage is a blessing! It’s a new phase and level in life. Marriage from my point of view is awesome if you marry the right person. It is hell if you marry the wrong person. You will hear different stories from different folks. For me, I am waxing stronger and happier in marriage.”

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