See what pythons are capable of doing! Shock!

See what pythons are capable of doing! Shock!


These creatures live in Africa, Asia and Australia, as well as in America. Some of them grow to be huge and ruthless. These photos prove: pythons are greedy, stupid and dangerous animals!

Interesting python facts:

-They cannot chew their prey;

-They swallow the animal (or human) in one piece;

-They digest everything, but feathers and fur;

-They can swim very well;

-They know how to ambush when hunting;

-Females lay up to 36 eggs;

-They find the prey using heat location;

-They can grow up to 8+ meters in length and 120 kg in weight.

Al l these facts prove: pythons are dangerous! You do not want to meet a hungry one alone in the wood or even at home! This collection of photos shows the ugly truth about the pythons:

1. They do get into people’ homes:

Recently one guy has found a huge python in his home. He went ahead and did the stupidest thing ever. So, yes, pythons can be stupid, but humans are their matches! He decided to touch a hungry beast and got bitted and injured by it. The guy was lucky enough not to get killed by the creature.

2. They are willing to take any prey!


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Like this poor bird, a chicken or a bat!

Or a frog if nothing else comes it way!

A dog would do fairly well for a nice meal.

Or big

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These animals were constricted and swallowed in one piece.

It’s eating the goat and swallows it head first.

Or super big

These photos prove the stupidity and greed of the animal. It swallows the croc!

And at this time the python has gotten more than it could eat! Scientists have found it in the river, floating dead with a dead alligator inside. The python has just exploded; most likely from the gasses of rotting of the huge prey.

3. And finally, huge pythons eat humans!

On one of the ocean islands people dreaded to meet a giant snake in the woods. It used to come out and swallow people from the village. Eventually they hunted the horror creature down and it turned out to be an 8 meter python!

So, if you meet an animal like this, do not be stupid to approach it alone. You may be a great hunter, but these snakes are ruthless and they are great hunters, too.

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