Excl: Human existence started from Ile Ife, artifacts show – Ooni

Excl: Human existence started from Ile Ife, artifacts show – Ooni


The Ooni of Ife, His Imprerial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi played host to NAIJ.com in his Enuwa, Ile Ife palace where he fielded questions from our correspondent.

The youthful first class monarch gave an explosive revelation of Ile Ife in human history. Ooni said man existence started from Ile Ife before spreading across to the world. You might say it is hard to believe but the Ark of Noah and Tower of Babel are in Ile Ife!

The businessman-turned king also spoke about what the throne has denied him as a youth. This interview will shake the world. Excerpt…

His Imprerial Majesty Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife

Congratulations on your being named the royal ambassador of NAFDAC, what do the Yoruba race and Nigeria have to gain in it?

Basically it’s just to do things right and we are using culture and tradition to try and bring positive perspective to things. Because that is our root and we have to go back to our root. Our root is our heritage, our culture and tradition and we need to apply the culture of right and wrong. As a royal ambassador of NAFDAC is just to support government agency for people to do things right in the society, for them to get adequate certification for their products most especially the youths because we are trying to encourage them to go back to farming. And our major problem is value addition and in the process of working towards value addition by processing their products they need to be properly standardized so that they will meet the global standard so it is a good cause. It is going to help us in Nigeria and the south west which is predominantly Yorubaland. We will encourage the youths to go back to the farm. Nigeria is known for cash crops, most cash crops grown all over the world were taken from the South Western Nigeria. As a result we are going back to the basis, we can’t continue to live on crude oil forever, and Nigeria needs to diversify.

How will you use your position to promote and sustain the Yoruba cultural heritage? How much should we expect from you?

God has blessed the Yoruba race for so many obvious reasons. Our culture is probably the best in the world; our tradition is one of the richest in the world, very ancient, thousands of years before Christ. This has been proven with various artifacts and as a result we need to go back to our old lost glory, very important for us to keep propagating that. For Yoruba race we need to come together as one strong happy family. We need to be united, nothing to divide us any longer in unity we will have strength.  We need not to put supremacy battle in front, the Yoruba race belongs to everybody.

His Imprerial Majesty Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife

Ife is the cradle of civilization of mankind, not only the Yoruba race. It has been proven scientifically by the white folks. Everybody in the world is from Ife so we need to tell our story to the world. We have all the landmarks to proof this so all the things that are number one in the world, from the first cocoa tree, palm tree, banana every grown first grow here before wind pollination started spreading it across the entire world. So it has been proven scientifically and by the Western world that there is a kingdom called Ife way older, ancient before Greek, Roman empire, way, way older. And thank God, almighty is helping us to show us so many landmarks to proof that so unity is our key and watchword.

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There was a tweet from your office that the Tower of Babel and the Ark of Noah are in Ile Ife, nobody has ever said this before now?

Well, it’s the grace of God and the truth be told they actually exist here and it is the pride of every Black race and like I told you these are landmarks that even the Western world had thought one is in old Babylon in Egypt, one is in Turkey. But the truth be told, this is not the appropriate time to let the world see it, some point the world will see it but the truth be told we have discovered it. And how can you prove this to the world? It is through archaeological facts and by that we have brought the best archaeologists in the world together for them to see things. And as God will have it they are the ones that came about carbon dating technology and they’ve used it and seen that this is actually true.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Ooni Ogunwusi

They don’t believe that anything good can come out of the black race. If you ask for the meaning of Nigeria, not many know it. Listen to these few words: Noah, Nigga, Negro, Nubia, Niger can you see the similarities in these five words?

They all start with N.

Not only that, they all mean the same. They mean black. They told us a story that some Portuguese led by Mungo Park came to Africa and discovered River Niger and if you go to Portuguese language the meaning of Negro is noun used to describe anything that is black and another word for it is Niger. Because they saw a large concentration of black people along the Nile River all the way to River Niger they then gave the name meaning River Niger, river of Blacks. Then how do we come about the name Nigeria? Niger area meaning the area of the concentration of Blacks but people doesn’t know. I am giving you very privileged information that a lot of people don’t know. So we are the custodian of the culture of the Blacks. And for every four Black man you see on the surface of the world one or two are Nigerians. The western world found gold on our land, Nu means gold, Nubia means land of gold and we are Nubians. They call us Nigga and it is being traced to Noah and who is our ancestor. Till tomorrow Yoruba people will say ‘omoluwabi’ meaning the child of Noah. So where do Noah come from. This story many believe is too good to be real, so many good things will come out of Nigeria. To the glory of God we have discovered where the Ark of Noah is. It is in Ife.

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Do we also have the Garden of Eden in Ile Ife then?

Well, Garden of Eden is not here, it is garden of the spirit that we have in Ife because the spirit world live before mankind. Ile Ife means the land of expansion but the real Garden of Eden is in Saudi Arabia and it is part of the land of the Blacks at some point. The Garden of Eden for human, Adam and Eve is in Saudi Arabia while the Garden of Eden for the spirit is in Ile Ife and we call it Edena and it is still there till tomorrow. This story can be traced biblically and in the Quran. So you see at one point in the world we are all together in Ile Ife, the land of expansion, before we started breaking away from the mother continent, Africa. But if you tell this story to all Black men they will say you are talking out of place but thank God we have landmarks to show for all this.

Ooni Ogunwusi

With all these knowledge of pre-human and post human existence discovered in Ile Ife, are you planning building a grand museum in Ife where these stories will be documented for future reference?

I am a servant of God now, all these stories you can’t find them in anywhere else, so definitely that will be built, that is my calling and we have a strong tie to the Western world now, all the Blacks in the world, the Caribbeans, in America now with all the powerful black people in the world now and they believe us more than Nigerians do because they are beginning to reason and trace their ancestral root back to Nigerian and the entire continent of Africa.

You are so passionate about the youth and youth empowerment, how do you intend to finance this enormous task and how far can you go?

It’s a calling and somebody must start it. When God calls you who can be against you, I got this calling from almighty God and nobody can be against me. This throne is fully dedicated to the youths and I will never be tired. I can be shaken but will never be look back. Somebody must fight their cause and to the glory of God I am part of the youth and will forever fight their cause.

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Challenges of being a first class king at a young age?

It is a very great task and like I said one with God is a majority, God sent me on this mission and I am doing it and he is helping me.

How has been an Ooni being affecting your social life and your businesses?

My social life is completely zero now. You know there is always a tradeoff; the opportunity cost of doing this is that my life has being totally dedicated to mankind so my social life is zero.

And for my business, it is difficult to manage, to run the stool with business but God is helping me.

Ooni Ogunwusi and olori Wuraola

How do you keep fit?

I work from morning to night, you can see for yourself how busy I have been since morning and today is even a light day. On the average I will attend to 3,000 people on daily basis. I sleep for few hours and keep working for mankind.

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What has been your sustaining power?

It’s God. Like I told you earlier on it’s a calling and one with God is a majority, that’s my ministry.

What fatherly advice will you give on the state of the nation?

The advice is there is light at the end of the tunnel, we should stop complaining. We should focus on how well to get our of this situation in the country and Gold will help us.

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