Adorable family photos of Timi Dakolo

Adorable family photos of Timi Dakolo


What else can we say, love is sweet.

R&B singer Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola are one happy couple with their 3 adorable children.

Timi made a bold decision to feature his wife as the lead in his songs Iyawo Mi and The Vow the result was simply lovely.

On how they met, Timi said, ” We met at the House on the Rock church. I was not searching then, but simply minding my own business when I spotted her. I was standing behind the choristers on the podium when I sighted this fine girl. I went to speak to her by asking her why she was frowning in church. I remember saying, ‘Hi, my name is Timi Dakolo,’ and she said, ‘and so?’ You would not believe that she gave me a fake number and I started searching for her every Sunday until I finally caught up with her and challenged her for giving me a wrong number. It was my lucky day because that was how we started talking. This was in 2010.”

Below are pictures of his adorable family. We totally love them!!!

1. Couple of the year!

2. When they showed off their foot wears.

3. Family that laughs together, stays together

4. Holding on to the man of the house.

5. Too cute!

6. Yippe! Mummy is +1

7. Children playing doctors on their daddy.

9. Cute family!

10. Timi Dakolo’s wife is beautiful. Isn’t she?

11. Camel ridding in Dubai.

12. Adorable kids!

13. Sisters forever!

14. When a man loves, he loves for real!

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