7 ways to make a prostitute fall in love

7 ways to make a prostitute fall in love


Prostitution is a very common hustle for some women in Nigeria. Whether because of the recession or money issues or what they have faced in life, some women just choose prostitution as their way to make money.

Gone are the days where there was an unclean and diseased stigma attached to prostitutes, these days they are actually clean, healthy and very flashy. Most prostitutes remain conspicuous until they approach you with their fee.

So what happens when you a man finds one he wants to date and get to know better? Have no fear because NAIJ.com has compiled seven ways for you to turn her from a lady in the street to the lady you walk down the aisle.

1. Get to know her.

If you meet a prostitute with preconceived notions that she is dirty, ungodly and going the wrong way in life, you won’t be received very well. Coming to her with judgments will only make her push you further away.

Instead come to her with an open and understanding mind and a willingness to inspire her to do better and coerce her with all your preaching.

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2. Forget sex

Prostitutes have had as much sex as you can think of, both for business and for pleasure. By taking sex off the table, you will stand out and get her attention.

She may be used to being treated as a sex toy so when you show here you want to get to know her emotionally and spiritually first, she will take you seriously.

3. Don’t treat her like a charity case.

If you have watched the film Pretty Woman, you will know that it’s not all about money to win her heart. You don’t need to take her out and buy her fancy things and upgrade her life so much that she feels she owes you.

Instead, take your time and find out what she likes and remember she is a prostitute to make money for herself and she may not receive handouts very kindly, she may want to work to earn her money.

4. Get her a legit business.

7 ways to make a prostitute fall in love

Some prostitutes do it because the market out there is hard and they have resorted to prostitution to get by. If you keep offering her money without sex, it may seem like another type of business transaction.

Instead give her the confidence of earning her salary and being independent. Create a way for her to make money legitimately and and she will be thankful.

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5. Offer her your heart.

Love is a game of give and take and if you want to get to date a prostitute and win her heart, you must sacrifice yours. Show her sincere love from the bottom of your heart and she will gladly reciprocate.

Just be willing to take time with her because she will not be trusting of you at first and will take her time to see if you are genuine.

6. Be ready to forgive her.

Even when she will be shown so much love and care, she may revert to her old ways out of fear or panic. If she has done it for many years it may be hard to leave all at once and it will take a lot of patience and forgiveness on your part in case she back slides. But if you stay strong and continue to love her, she will learn to trust you and be all yours.

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7. Marry her and live happily ever after.

Once she has fallen in love with you, stay with her and be happy. No one needs to know her past, only her bright future with you. And even if  her past creeps up, learn to accept it and move on.

A prostitute is just like any other girl and if you are able to encourage her improve her life, you will end up with a loving wife of your dreams.

Source : Naij.com