Young lady with cooler on her head storms park naked (photos)

Young lady with cooler on her head storms park naked (photos)


A woman has shocked people with her daring act when she stormed a public place and strolled around completely naked.

The woman was seen walking naked nonchalantly around a park with a cooler box over her head while a photographer captures her every movement.

The Stark Naked Woman With Cooler on Her Head Walks Around a Park in Broad Daylight

Dailystar reports that this happened at a park in Culiacan, Mexico as puzzled pedestrians watched the unbelievable display in utter confusion. No one could see the lady’s face due to the cooler box that was placed over her head. About 52,000 people and more have watched the clip since it was uploaded to Facebook. And viewers were left divided over what the aim of the stunt was – with several criticizing her for revealing all of her modesty.

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But others supported her for flying the feminist flag – claiming the human body is the most natural thing in the world. It was later revealed the woman was walking around as part of a feminist exhibition called “Feminism, Art and Difference”. The exhibition is set to go on display at the Art Gallery Antonio Lopes Saenz on October 15.

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