See how doctors removed 80 worms from girl’s ear (photos)

See how doctors removed 80 worms from girl’s ear (photos)


A four-year-old girl identified as Radhika Mandloi, has had 80 worms removed from her ear after an insect attracted to foul smells and dirty conditioned entered the orifice, in a small village in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Radhika carried by her father after the worms have been removed from her ear.

This was immediately discovered after the little girl started to suffer from extreme pain and itching in her left ear weeks ago and was immediately rushed to My Hospital in Indore on Saturday, October 8, where the doctor found and insect called Genus Chyrsomya inside her ear.

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The worms removed from Radhika’s ear in India.

The doctor removing the worms from Radhika’s ear in an Indian hospital.

According to UK Mirror, Dr Raj Kumar Mundra disclosed that the insect had already laid nearly 80 eggs (worms) inside her ear and little Radhika had to endure two sittings to remove them which lasted for about 90 minutes.

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