Reasons why you should never stop taking Zobo

Reasons why you should never stop taking Zobo


Zobo is a well-loved drink taken by Nigerians. It is an ancient drink made from the the dried sepal of the hibiscus plant flower. This drink is not only taken by Nigerians, it is loved by people from different nations.


Hibiscus plant is native to West Africa; the drink made from it is refreshing and unique. In Nigeria, this drink is popularly known as Zobo. It has different names all over the world. There are so many wonderful facts about Zobo that you do not know.

This drink has lots of medicinal properties that can be used for the treatment of some ailments. Consuming it is highly beneficial to one’s health as it could be used to regulate high blood pressure and kidney diseases.

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Hibiscus leaves have various uses all over the world; they contain a high concentration of antioxidants that are water-soluble. This drink has high amounts of vitamin C which is highly beneficial to both children and adults.

Zobo drink has about 15 to 30 percent of organic acids like tartaric acid, citric acid and maleic acid. This healthy drink also contains flavonoids glycosides and polysaccharides. It is a natural diuretic whose potentials have been explored both locally and internationally.

Find below some of the amazing health benefits of Zobo drink:

1. Suitable for diabetic patients

People who are suffering from diabetes can consume this drink without any reservations. The properties contained in Zobo will not put them at risk since they can choose to take it without adding sugar. It is also suitable for those who have kidney and liver problems.

2. Effective for treating cough and cold

Hibiscus flowers contain an appreciable amount of ascorbic acid which is a form of vitamin C. Taking Zobo will help prevent cold and cough in children as well as adults because of the essential nutrients contained in the drink.

This refreshing drink also has anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties. Many people use it to reduce the discomfort they feel from fever.

3. For regulating high blood pressure

Hibiscus drink has been researched to be effective in regulating blood pressure. This drink helps the kidney to filter waste products like uric and oxalic acids. These wastes accumulate to form kidney stones.

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Consuming hibiscus tea which is also known as Zobo is helpful in managing hypertension. It contains anti-hypertensive properties which help to reduce cholesterol level, high blood pressure, constipation, and diabetes.

Taking hibiscus tea helps prevent the oxidation of low-density lipo-proteins. If there is a high concentration of this substance in the blood, it will result in high blood pressure.

4. For controlling weight

A high consumption of foods rich and high in carbohydrates will result in weight gain. The body produces amylase, an enzyme which aids the breaking down of complex sugar and starch molecules in food.

Zobo drink contains a substance that can inhibit the production of amylase. This means that taking this drink regularly will help prevent the accumulation of starchy foods which contribute to weight gain.

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