Pastor Joshua Iginla on piracy, helping Nollywood actors

Pastor Joshua Iginla on piracy, helping Nollywood actors


– Abuja based Pastor Joshua Iginla says piracy has financially crippled Nollywood actors

– He also encouraged Nigerians to help ailing Nollywood actors and actresses before it is too late

Pastor Joshua Iginla is the Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly in Kubwa, Abuja. He is a kind pastor who occasionally gives Nigerian celebrities gifts, especially those who are not financially buoyant or are in need.

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In a recent interview, he called out Nigerians for neglecting Nollywood actors who fall terribly sick. He said this during the same service which he gifted a Nollywood actor with a car.

Dailypost reported that he said: “The level of piracy in this country is serious; I hope government will do something about it. These Nollywood actors and actresses are Nigeria’s ambassadors who are projecting the image of the country to the world favourably.”

“Many of them have died prematurely because they are hardworking but piracy has crippled them. We enjoy watching their films but we watch them when they are helpless with none to help them.”

“You think they are rich just because they act rich men’s and women’s roles but many of them get 50,000 naira for a role and they may not get another role until about three months later.”

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“I give because I rose from grass to grace; so I understand that I will only live in one house and ride only one car at a time. It is not that we have the whole money in the world but this is a spirit of giving.”

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