I want to trek again – Suleiman Hashimu

I want to trek again – Suleiman Hashimu


Mr Suleiman Hashimu who trekked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari, will embark on another walk for the president.

Suleiman Hashimu

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, October 14, that he wont be walking this time but will be touring the 36 states and te Federal Capital Territory with a car to showcase the achievements of the president so far.

“I will be embarking on another trek for President Muhammadu Buhari. This time, my trip is with a vehicle, not my usual trekking. I would tour the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

“This is to showcase achievement recorded by this administration so that they will appreciate the achievements recorded so far.

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“President Buhari has achieved a lot in security and anti-corruption crusade. People that are untouchable in this country are answerable to the law of the land.

“Another big achievement recorded on Thursday was the rescue of the 21 of the over 200 kidnapped Chibok school girls. This is no doubt a great achievement.

Mr Suleiman Hashimu who trekked from Lagos to Abuja

“I will like to tell Nigerians to continue to support President Muhammadu Buhari to achieve all the promises he made during his campaign for the presidency,’’ he said.

Hashimu arrived Abuja on April 20, 2015 after trekking three weeks from Lagos, covering over 700 kilometres to celebrate the president’s victory in the  general elections.

However, Nigerians have quickly taken to social media to slam the trekker stating he is seeking attention for announcing the journey he is about to embark on while some even went as far as giving him advice on places to go.

NAIJ.com has compiled some of the comments from Facebook to air their views. Read what they said below.

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Well, the comments from Nigerians did not stop there. Some took to other media platforms to express their thoughts. Read some comments from Nairaland below:

Deantimes said: “When you are about to start, Please endeavour to visit those Nigerians who are hungry, tell them what Buhari has achieved so far let me see if you will come back alive.”

Dikeigbo said: “I advice you to trek with cautions. To avoid the stories that touch. In some area try to trek unnoticed.”

Gaetano said: “I understand, the economy is hard, the first money he collected has finished.”

Catchfun said: “Yeye,Trek by vehicle.”

Source : Naij.com