How Nigeria’s juju priests trick women into prostitution

How Nigeria’s juju priests trick women into prostitution


“If you cheat on your husband, you will suffer for it, both you and the man you cheat with. Defy the shrine and it will come and kill you.”

Black magic voodoo priests are a common thing in some parts of Nigeria, where the ancient slave god Ayelala, one of the most feared “ju-ju” deities still reign.

Nigerian women tricked into sex work in Europe are subjected to black magic rituals by voodoo shaman who say the gods will come to kill them if they try to escape

For centuries she instilled fear in those who somehow broke the law, cheated on a spouse or behaved poorly.

Time passed by and now her power is used by charlatans who take advantage of supersticious women to lure them into prostitution.

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This bloodthirsty ceremonies were viewed by MailOnline reporters who managed to get a glimpse of evil practices and speak to naive victims of deception.

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They travelled to poverty-stricken Benin City in which is now believed to be a hub for trafficking African prostitutes to the streets of London, Rome, Paris and other European countries.

For hundreds of years, potent magic has been used to enforce everything from debt collection and land disputes through to marital infidelity.

A 27-year-old woman, who asked for anonomity, agreed to dwell on her ordeal and explain how the majority of women are tricked into sex slavery and why they refuse to leave it afterwards.

Before being smuggled to Italy the girl was taken by her  ‘madam’ to a shrine dedicated to ‘Shango’, a voodoo Thunder God.

There, she underwent a series of disgusting oath-taking rituals and since then was obliged to obey to her madam who paid  €1,000 fee to a people-smuggler.

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The woman said: “Before I went on the journey I was taken to a shrine with three other women. A lady trafficker made us cut clippings from our fingernails and hair and put them on top of the shrine, and we lay down in front of it.

We were also made to drink a glass of schnapps and rub white powder in our faces, so that nothing bad would happen to us before we reached Italy.

A woman uses a headless chicken to perform a ritual

Then we had to swear at the shrine before Shango. We were told that if we didn’t pay back the money we owed the madam, Shango would come and kill us by sickness.”

She travelled across the Sahara to Libya and then by boat to Sicily, where she spent a month in a refugee camp before henchmen of the trafficking gang smuggled her out.

They took her to the northern city of San Torino, where she said the madam had promised her a job in a shop. Instead, she was handed skimpy clothing to wear and ordered to work in a brothel.

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“When I arrived in Torino they told me to buy body cream to freshen up and look good and made me wear a short skirt. 

When she arrived in Italy, she was taken to the northern city of San Torino, made to wear skimpy clothing and ordered to work in a brothel

Then they took me to what looked like a hotel and I saw other women dressed in little clothing. It was only then that I realised I was there for prostitution.

I was forced to sleep with a man twice, and felt very, very bad, so I ran away. I was terrified that Shango would come and get me, but I met a local pastor who reassured me and brought me home.”

To be continued…

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