Hilarious things that happen at Nigerian weddings

Hilarious things that happen at Nigerian weddings


Nigerian weddings are the best weddings to attend in Africa. They are usually colourful, entertaining and packaged with enough drama to tantalize your memories.

They are usually packed with interesting people, and if you are attending with a friend and gist partner, there would be enough gist to tap there.

There are some funny things that you would observe at a Nigerian wedding, check out some of these things below and let us know if we missed anything out.

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1. Extremely long sermon

Buhari among guests at the wedding

It is expected that in a church wedding congregation, more than half of them are visitors. The preacher tends to stretch the sermon, emphasizing on every point as a way to impress these new comers, and by so doing takes all day to dismiss the service.

2. Your ticket to meal is aso ebi

In a typical Nigerian wedding you are simply identified with your aso ebi. This determines if you are on the grooms side or the bride. In some weddings, if you are not putting on any of the chosen attire, your chances of being fed is slimmer as you are considered a wedding crasher.

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3. No Souvenir if you are not well known by both families

This often leads to battle of where to sit at the venue in order not to go home empty handed and also empty stomach. Aside all this, If you do not fall in any recognized group you may be ignore and might just end up going home with only the reception programme.

4. Singles are expected to marry next

 Usually in weddings, older folks grab the opportunity to remind singles about their status. They ask about when they are getting wedding invites, and when they are eating their own wedding cake and rice. Their sole job there is to question your singleness like its their job.

Source : Naij.com