6 times IK Ogbonna showed his life is better than yours

6 times IK Ogbonna showed his life is better than yours


Since becoming a family man, Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has been the envy of so many people. His new life with his colombian wife is what most people wish for.

The two love birds display their love on social media and every where they go, they might just be next ice and coco. Based on the following pictures, the model and father is probably living a life way better than yours.

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Check out evidence he is living well and happy

1. Vacay mode

Ik with his wife on the beach

When your wife is your best friend, mother of your child, side chick and lover, it makes perfect sense to be the happiest man alive.

2. Valentine special

Ik with wife in sexy pictures

Admit it you and your significant other cannot pull a stunt like this.

3. Power couple


Behind every successful, handsome man is a hot, drop dead gorgeous colombian chick with an ass like Kim Kardashian and a face like Monica Lewinsky. Like you didn’t already guess, that’s the life of Mr Ogbonna.

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4. Indecent snapshot

That pose

We are going to let this sink in while you think of switching lives with this guy for a moment.

5. Back view

No dulling on vals day

Ik and Sonia Ogbonna are couple goals.

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6. Dangerously in love

So beautiful together

This is the face of the man whose life is better than yours and yes, that’s how his wife looks!

Source : Naij.com