2015: ‘Oil blocs behind why the north moved against Jonathan’

2015: ‘Oil blocs behind why the north moved against Jonathan’


– More revelations have been made about the very deep reason the northern elite never wanted Goddluck Jonathan as president

– Odia Ofeimun, former aide to late Obafemi Awolowo, reveals the fear the northern people had about Jonathan and why

– He also thinks the fusion of parties to form the APC was a big mistake especially as it was only aimed to get power

Despite all his efforts to develop the north and attract some love from the people of the area, former President Goodluck Jonathan lost his second term bid to Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and Odia Ofeimun, a former aide to late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, has said there was a deeper reason for this.

Ofeimun said in an interview with Vanguard that the real reason for the gang-up against the former president had to do with oil in the Niger Delta and not just because the north wanted their person to replace Umaru Yar’Adua, Jonathan’s immediate predecessor who died in office.

Odia Ofeimun says the APC is a failure

He also described the fusion of political parties into the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the purpose of winning the 2015 election as a mistake.

He wondered why the APC which always shouted in support for a Sovereign National Conference (SNG) suddenly began to distance itself from it after gaining power.

“It was not just because there was an agreement inside the PDP that only a northerner could take over from Umaru Yar’adua. Even if there was, a private arrangement in a political party should never have been considered fit to overawe a national constitution.

“To concede office to the vice president after the death of President Yar’adua, should have been automatic for true patriots. The more plausible rationale for not doing so was that all former presidents of Nigeria, and shadowy cabals around them, wanted to have their leg in the door for the next round of bidding for oil blocks.

“They could not trust a leader of minority extraction, whose siblings were sitting with explosives on the ready, on top of the oil reserves, to do it in their own interest.

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“President Goodluck Jonathan himself, not being a child of the bride’s chamber in his party, really could not have had any clue as to what the hullaballoo was all about. His trying to be his own man, as the whole country obviously expected, was at the heart of the crisis.

“No one knew this better than former President Obasanjo whose inability to put strings on either Yar’Adua or Yar’ Adua’s successor, was his core reason for wanting to build a national constituency to oust a president regarded by many as his protégé.

“President Jonathan was so very snidely, and so quickly, slapped with being clueless in a way that was meant to de-legitimate him before he could do any damage to his putative minders after the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ that brought him to power.

“This was compounded by those who knew that this president of minority extraction, who was already putting his foot down to hold a ‘National Conference’ even before he was sworn in, was not averse to restructuring the federation.”

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Concerning the formation of the APC and its failure, Ofeimun, a prominent poet, said: “In my view, the most heinous of such strategic failures, and one that is being made to appear like a success story, is the pursuit of the coalition that yielded the fusion called All Progressive Congress, APC. It is a highly dispiriting failure that cannot be properly understood by looking at its presumed success in ousting President Goodluck Jonathan from Office.

“In itself, that ouster was the failure; especially, given the replacement that was rooted for with so much vigour by people who said they wanted restructuring. Only the day before, restructuring of the federation had been the rousing mantra. It was so swiftly abandoned or let us say toned down to the point of denial, after the advocates discovered a beeline to political power as a more valued project.

“They began the distancing of restructuring away from themselves; they, who had literally driven the whole country to a frenzy, a virtual apoplexy, in pursuit of a Sovereign National Conference that was supposed to achieve restructuring!”

Source : Naij.com