15-year-old boy writes to President Buhari

15-year-old boy writes to President Buhari


Editor’s note: Despite being the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria remains a very poor country. Corruption, poor management of funds, political instability and recession continue to tear the country apart.

Jinadu Quam, the 15-year-old boy from Ogun state, writes an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. The young man proposes the way out of the country’s problems.

If the president just wouldn’t see the advice of a 15 years old teen as a waste.

Dear Mr President, I see all your efforts on how to make Nigeria a great country, but some bad leaders and people do not want you to achieve that goal.

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My name is Jinadu Quam, I am a student of Homat group of school in Lagos. I think I know two people whose advice could remove Nigeria out of a recession like I said if the president doesn’t consider my opinion as a waste.

These two people are my teachers. One of them is an economics teacher, who has a lot of answers on how to make Nigeria grow while the second one is an Islamic study teacher who can explain to you how you can make Nigeria corrupt free.

Their names are Mr Sanni Adedeki and Mr Bolaji Quadri. If only these two men are being invited by you to share their opinions.

I think Nigeria will proceed. I want to say a very big thank you, sir, for all the good deeds you have being doing, and may GOD HELP you in making Nigeria great.

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