These 6 footballers have gorgeous sisters all men would love

These 6 footballers have gorgeous sisters all men would love


Footballers are the major actors in the game of football in which their impressive show on the field of play makes many football lovers happy. In the world today, there are many famous footballers who are known for certain contributions they have made while playing the round leather game.

Many footballers go to the stadium with their kids, wives, girlfriends and lots more, but there are some footballers who have sexy sisters that any man would love to take to the altar and here we look at some.

1. Elma Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister

Cristiano Ronaldo’s elder sister Elma

Elma Aveiro is an elder sister to Portuguese and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and it was reported that the 41-year-old has been of great help to the former Manchester United winger since he started his football career.

2. Hollie Walcott, Theo Walcott’s sister

Theo Walcott’s sister Hollie Walcott

Arsenal striker Theo Walcott is one of the best strikers in the world, the former Southampton player has an elder sister named Hollie, and she is a professional body builder and social activist.

3. Ana Silvia, Javier Hernandez’s sister

Ana Silvia who is sister to Javier Hernandez

Mexican striker Javier Hernandez also has a pretty sister named Ana, and it was stated that the young woman always support the former Manchester United forward.

4. Rafaella Beckran, Neymar’s sister

Neymar’s gorgeous sister Rafaella

Barcelona star Neymar has a beautiful Brazilian sister named Rafaella Beckran, and in a show of family love, Neymar has the tattoo of his sister on his right arm.

5. Gabrieli Emboaba, Oscar’s sister

Gabrieli Emboeba who is the sister of Chelsea player Oscar

Chelsea player Oscar is also one of the famous footballers who have pretty sisters, the Brazilian has a younger sister named Gabrieli Emboala who was said to be a fashion blogger.

6. Ambar Vidal, Arturo’s sister

These 6 footballers have gorgeous sisters all men would love

Arturo Vidal’s sister Ambar Vidal

Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal also has a gorgeous sister named Ambar every man would love to have.



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