See the frightful image of the monster hurricane!

See the frightful image of the monster hurricane!


Why they call this hurricane a monster? Just take a look at what the satellite photos show and what it has done to people and cities!

They named it Matthew and they nick named it the Monster Hurricane. When you take a look at some of the shots made from space, it does look like a giant skull with a mendacious red eye!

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This time the first blow was gotten by Haiti. Over 800 people lost their lives to this monster. The death toll is extremely high. Thousands of locals lost their homes and had to flee from the water and wind for the dear life.

The next blow the monster aimed at the Florida and Georgia in USA. The tenacious Matthew spared no one. It ripped off the roofs of the houses, uprooted large trees, and drowned streets with the cars on them. Many homes have been turned by it into the isles in the midst of the sea.

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It has taken some lives in USA, too. So, we can rightfully name it a monster and the pictures only demonstrate its wild power.

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