Pastor caught having sex with neigbour on his birthday

Pastor caught having sex with neigbour on his birthday


A pastor has allegedly been disgraced by his wife after she caught him red-handed having sex with another woman in Zimbabwe.

Pastor Qondani Moyo, whose name means ‘straight path’, loosely was caught pants down by his wife, Patricia Moyo, on his birthday. He was having it with Mavis Dube who stays at the same compound with them.

Pastor Qondani Moyo and wife

B-metro eports that Mavis is employed as a secretary at Tsholotsho district hospital and Qondani’s link to the hospital is that of a primary counsellor. Pastor Qondani was said to have sneaked out of his house not knowing that his wife was observing his movements.

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When he entered Dube’s house, he went straight to her bedroom. However, his wife who was following him gave the duo enough time to start their sexual activity before barging in on them totally naked. The pastor managed to get out of the house and sprinted in his birthday suit after which the wife descended on Mavis, beating her blue-black.

“I don’t answer silly questions,” Mavis said to B-Metro when contacted for comment.

When contacted,  Pastor Qondani downplayed the issue and said: “Someone wanted to wreck my marriage and lied that I was at Mavis. My wife went to Mavis’s place and accused her of keeping me in the house and as a result a fight ensued.”


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