TELL us how the journey started. Well, Cheekychizzy as a brand started professionally three years ago from Abuja to Lagos. And now we are about to take over by God’s special grace.One thing I would say is that I am not your regular guy. I’m different, if you see me, you would understand what I mean by that statement.

Music to me is a passion; I have been playing musical instruments like the drums, keyboard, and guitaras far back as when I was seven years. I was born into a family where music is part of us. My mum sings in our church, engages in all that has to do with choir activities.

It is believed that many are toeing this same path because of the monetary gain, what is your own story?

Well, at the end of day money must be made. But I have a saying:“Once you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, the next thing to have is money.”

Because I believe so much in this saying, I also made it into one of my songs that was dropped early February on my Quickone EP.

And since you started, what are the challenges with many top artistes on ground?

Basically, I would say one of the challenges of any artiste is how to reach our audience as the means are getting harder by the day. There are so many competitions out there with different genre of music to listen to, and going by choice, there are a lot to select from. So, getting audience is the major challenge so far.

Which would you say is more profitable to you, producing or churning out songs?

I’m a musician, so everything pays; producing, writing doing my A/R job at the end of the day. What really matters most to me is making sure it’s good music. I’m a sucker for good music, that’s all I can say.

You’re currently out of the country, are you out there for leisure or business?

My job is a whole life vacation, it takes me everywhere beyond boundaries and being D’banj’s producer now is even opening my eyes to more opportunities and experiences; which include contracts and have made me grow so fast. So, all business.

Do we sense an international collaboration too?

I have international collaborations already. I have finished work on collaborations for this year and for next year. All I do now is make music for other collaborations and I’m dropping new singles soon, with videos of course.

Did you feel you could compete with the reigning artistes?

Who are the reigning artistes? The only difference is that they have air-play. Trust me, the question should be: are they ready?

Most artistes strive on controversies to stay relevant; do you feel it is right?

For me to stay relevant, just be consistent and put out mind-blowing materials.

Are you one of those artistes who believe in not keeping to a woman because the money is available to throw around?

I’m a one-woman man but got so many female fans.

Who are those you look up to in the industry?

D’banj and Don jazzy, in terms of the business and music.

Have you ever been referred to as gay because you plait your hair?

No, my hair is my trademark. I’m not gay and no one in his or her right sense would see me and think I’m gay. I’ve got three sisters and I’m the only son.

Are you also into modelling?

Modelling is also part of entertainment, but I will only consider doing it as part of my job, if the pay is right.

What was the reaction of your parents when you decided to go into music?

They were not too surprised. I know most parents do not want their children going into music, especially if they are graduates. They would rather have them go for a white collar job. But for me, it was different because I have been making music even in their parlour as a little boy. So, I guess they already noticed that it was in me while growing up.

Any new project on the line?

Yes, I’m dropping the new school street anthem soon which I titled Collide. And I have got my brothers on it – Dremo, Danagog, Ichaba and Mayorkun – putting in their different styles of music to make it more entertaining.

Source : Thenationonline