Atunda Entertainment partners Cocody community

Atunda Entertainment partners Cocody community


ATUNDA Entertainment has signed a historical pact with Cocody, a suburb and one of the 10 urban communes of Abidjan in Cote D’ Ivoire.

According to the management of Atunda Entertainment, the pact with the Mayor of Cocody offers the group the opportunity to hunt for and develop talents from Cocody in different creative endeavours ranging from music, acting, fine and applied acts, fashion and modeling.

Atunda Entertainment has over the years been noted for its expertise in hunting for raw talents, nurturing and promoting them to international stardom.

Some of the artistes currently on its stable include Olo Omidan Bata (bata drummer) and Anu, Lady Ekwe (percussionist) with Adigun Olohun Iyo (soloist) and Ara (Thunder, the latest female potter rave).

Part of the Memoranda of Understanding states that Atunda Entertainment will use its expertise to develop music, movies, comedy, fashion and model stars infusing them with both Nigeria and Ivorian culture.

Recall that Atunda Entertainment had signed a pact of similar nature, with the government of Tanzania.

Elated by the move, The Mayor of Cocody, N’ Goan Aka Kacou, expressed delight over the prospects of the joint venture and confidence in the creative ability of Atunda Entertainment to deliver on the aspiration of his community.

Also expected to benefit from this deal is the tourism industry of the community and that of Nigeria as packages promoting both countries are to be designed, marketed and executed by both countries.

The new partnership deal was signed by the Mayor, N’ Goan Aka Kacou and the founder of Atunda Entertainment, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, with the director of cabinet of the Mayor, Ambassador Koffi Y. Charles and both the Ambassadors of Nigeria to Cote D’ Ivoire, Mrs. Ifeoma Akabogu – Chinwuba and that of Cote D’ Ivoire to Nigeria, Kone Maman Toure.


Source : Thenationonline