International Cake Explorer Society celebrates the media

International Cake Explorer Society celebrates the media


It was a cake event on Thursday as members of the International Cake Explorer Society [ICES] converged at the Anchor Events Place, Agidingbi Road,Ikeja, for the celebration of the media at their annual cake exhibition.

The two-day event which theme was ‘Cake The Media’ attracted a large turnout of people from different walks of life but most especially from the bakery industry all over Nigeria and the media.

To honour the media, a special cake, the height of about 5ft labelled ‘Cake of The Show’ depicting various media names and colours and highlighting different media work instruments was baked and displayed.

Some sections of the edible cake, which was a rare and unique design, depicted television, radio sets. Some parts of the cake were baked in the shape of microphone, reel tapes, tape recorders, pen, writing pads,etcetera.

On why ICES, a non-governmental organisation [NGO] which headquarters is based in the United States of America, chose the theme, ‘Cake The Media’, the Nigerian representative of the society, Mrs. BidemiAnselemBidokwu, said it was in recognition of the various and important roles played by the media in the society.

“The media is one industry that plays a pivotal role which many people fail to appreciate. Without the media, which disseminates information, educates, enlightens us, amongst others, everybody will be kept in the dark,”noted Bidokwu.

Eulogising the media, she said, “Media can choose to build or even to destroy. Members of the media are so powerful that they should be encouraged for the positive contributions they are making all over the world.”

Speaking further, Bidokwu said that different themes are usually chosen every year to honour different groups and professionals.

Mrs. AdenikeBegbaaji, Managing Director of Tonik Creations and a top member of the NGO, explaining further, said there was also the need to get the media involved so as to recognise the society and see what they are doing.

On the cost of cakes which is high compared to the relatively low price of the ingredients, Begbaaji stressed that the cost of cake depends on the quality and cost of the ingredients and of course the time spent in baking the cake.

Disagreeing with her, the reporter pointed out that the major ingredients for cake is flour, sugar, egg and butter.  Mrs.Begbaaji, however, stressed that there are other unknown expensive ingredients which a professional baker may use, adding that the cost is also occasioned by the type of the cake.

Regarding the shelf life of cake, the lady said that it is dependent on the baker and type of cake. “Wedding cakes, for instance, can last up to one year, if frozen. The shelf life of cake depends on the quality and type and quantity of preservatives that the baker used.”

On why we do not have cakes for health-conscious people as the average cake is high in calories, the professional baker clarified that it depends on people’s demands.

“We can bake any kind of cake but it will be strictly on request as most people show preference for the normal cake. If a customer requests for less sugar, butter or egg, we bake it like that,” she explained.

Throwing more light on the motive for the two-day cake event, the MD, Tonik Creations, said it was to showcase talents of members, exchange ideas, encourage and build up one another while also grooming aspiring bakers.

“The Nigerian cake industry is witnessing tremendous growth, part of which is as aresult of events like this. Unlike the cakes of old, today’s cakes tell stories about an event,” she said.

Adding credence to what she said, Mrs. OgechiMirikwe, a professional baker and the MD of Jesse Olive Cake and Events, said that in cake, bakers use colours and designs to tell stories. “A cake for a woman celebrating 50 years of age will come in different colour and design from a cake of a boy celebrating 10 years of age.”

 The gregarious lady noted that “A cake can depict the profession and likes of the celebrator. A cake can tell stories of the event at hand. A cake for an 80-year-old woman or man will tell a story of the celebration of an oak anniversary, etcetera.”

On how the society has impacted on her as a baker, “When I  left the aviation industry for the bakery industry with relatively no experience, at a point I was at my wits end but members of ICES encouraged me and taught me everything I needed to know about baking.

Source : Thenationonline