‘DSS informed Rivers police about operation’

‘DSS informed Rivers police about operation’


The police in Rivers State yesterday disclosed that the Department of State Services (DSS) in the state informed the Commissioner of Police about the plan to arrest the judge before commencing the operation.

A police source said the DSS had earlier called to inform the Commissioner of Police, Francis Odesanya, that his men were going to effect the arrest.

The source added that the police boss complied accordingly by directing his men to cooperate and give the DSS the necessary support.

According to the source: “It was in the early hours of the morning and nobody would be expected to open his doors freely to visitors. So, the judge refused to open his doors to DSS officials.

“The DSS office shares the same fence with the judge. If they had wanted to accomplish the arrest successfully without much fuss, there are many options left for them. They should have either scaled the fence to enter the compound or go with the necessary instruments for the operation.

“The governor arrived there with members of his cabinet and members of the House of Assembly and they started obstructing the DSS.

“When the situation was getting intolerable around 1:00a.m, the Commissioner of Police arrived at the scene. He spoke with the DSS boss and later went to persuade the governor to allow them do their work. The commissioner of police reportedly insisted that the governor should not obstruct justice.

“When the governor refused to abide, the police boss ordered his aide to move away from the scene and he complied.  The DSS attempted to move in but the governor again started obstructing them.”

This, according to source, was the situation until around 4:00a.m when journalists and other parties arrived.

“It was at this point that the DSS operatives left the scene. The governor also moved away with his group. Few minutes later, the Commissioner of Police left but stationed a detachment of policemen in front of the judge’s house. The police team is still at the scene.”

Source : Guardian.ng